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David Wilson - Pooling Resources

By Next Magazine - June 207

David WilsonDaiFor David Wilson, life is all about people, personal and home improvement . . . and selling a whole lot of Jacuzzis.

Name: A. David Wilson

Age:  59

Hometown:  Oxford, Miss. Living in Fayetteville for 20 years.

Family:  Son, Matthew, 15, an honor student, actor and athlete (tennis and wrestling). Daughter, Ashley, 18, an artist and singer, who earned a four-year scholarship to Wingate College for music and art.  It is an honor to be their father, and I have tremendous respect for both my children. I credit their mother Sandra (Sandi), for her ability, intelligence and imaginationto help them pursue their interests.

Pets:  Two dogs, Chewy and Chase, and a cat named Miranda.

Occupation:  President and co-owner of Chapman-Wilson Pools, Spas adn Home Improvements, Inc. with Sandra Chapman-Wilson.

What brought you to this area? I was sales manager for a large swimming pool and home improvement company in Greensboro, and I also did some marketing for a company in Fayetteville. Sandra and I seized the opportunity to open a company in Fayetteville, and I honest feel it's the best emerging market in the Southeast. I love Fayetteville.

Church and Volunteer Activities:  Member of Snyder Memorial Baptist Church. I also work with young adults who have had problems with alcohol, and I am very candid in sharing my own experiences with them. As a young man of 28, I was an investment banker, and I felt like I had the world by the tail. I had made a lot of money and nobody could tell me anything. I new it all. Fast forward the tape . . . I lost it all and ended up living on the street. It is by the grace of God that I am even here today, and if I can make a difference in one person's life, it's a huge victory to me. God works miracles.

Personal Passions:  My children, business, working out . . . and to leave this earth having made some things better.

Business Passions and Philosophy:  My business passion is to establish something of substance and value. My business philosophy is to set high standards that motivate us to achieve our goals. We strive to go the extra mile and always try to over-deliver on each project. We have a customer base of about 7,500 plus. Our company does vinyl siding, replacement windows, roofs, exterior and interior painting, gutters, all types of remodels (kitchen/bath) and additions, Florida rooms, swimming pools, Jacuzzi spas, decks, fences and gazebos. We are a 5-Star Jacuzzi dealer in North Carolina. We believe:  Hire the best, pay well, don't cut corners and always tell the truth. We meet regularly with all members of our company and use their talents and energy to build a better organization. Customer satisfaction is indeed or No. 1 priority.

Life's Motto:  Be yourself, victory is great, but learn to handle yourself in defeat.

Pet Peeves:  Litter, second-hand smoke, poor grammar, and lazy people.

What is your perfect idea of happiness?  Wow, that's a tough question! After being wounded in Vietnam (Infantry medic), every day should  be. A sunset, bluish-red skies, the North Star, songbirds, my children on each arm and God at my back--now that's contentment. An occasional Hot Diggity Dog hamburger is not bad, either.

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