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Photo Galleries

Click on any of the gallery links below to view the photos in that gallery.

2005 Reunion Photos - Taken by Danny McKenzie (Lee Shellabarger's husband) (11 Photos) -  Danny got some good variety in his shots.

2005 Reunion Photos - Taken by David Freeman (16 Photos) -  Several people took photos at the reunion gathering the weekend of June 10-12, 2005. These are ones that David Freeman took - some at Midge and Larry McCay's on Saturday afternoon and some Saturday night at the dinner-dance.

2005 Reunion Photos - Taken by J.W. Walker (10 Photos) -  Some of these photos are similar to ones in Freeman's gallery, but some are completely different. Included are some photos from the Saturday night Dinner/Dance.

2006 Reunion - Cathy Walker Herron - Classmates (12 Photos) -  These are photos that Cathy took classmates at the Saturday night dinner dance.

2006 Reunion - Cathy Walker Herron - The Band (4 Photos) -  These are some photos that Cathy took of the Missing Links playing music at the 40th Reunion.

2006 Reunion - J.W. Walker (9 Photos) -  Photos that J.W. took at the 40th Reunion.

2006 Reunion - Missing Links and Friends (13 Photos) -  The band from 1966 along with help from some family and friends came together to provide the music.

2006 Reunion - Missing Links Photos by Eddie Colon (14 Photos) -  These photos of the band were taken by Eddie Colon, or with Eddie Colon's camera. Eddie is the drummer that came with the band from Keller, Texas.

2006 Reunion - More of Lee McKenzie's Photos (10 Photos) -  More photos from Danny and Lee McKenzie's

2006 Reunion - Photos From Lee Shellabarger McKenzie (10 Photos) -  These are photos that Danny and Lee McKenzie took at the 2006 Reunion.

2006 Reunion - Photos from Susan Langdon Norton (16 Photos) - 

2006 Reunion - Saturday Night - Freeman's Camera (5 Photos) -  A few shots of classmates and friends visiting on Saturday night at the dinner/dance.

2006 Reunion - Saturday Night Misc. Photos (5 Photos) -  These pictures were taken Saturday night by Eddie Colon - Missing Links drummer from Keller, Texas.

2006 Reunion Photos - Freemans (9 Photos) -  The 40th Reunion was a blast, maybe the best so far. These are just a few of the photos. More to come.

2010 UHS Grand Reunion (2 Photos) -  Class of 1966 at he 2010 UHS Grand Reunion

50th Reunion - June 3 & 4, 2016 (12 Photos) -  We gathered on Friday night, June 3 at Oby's and Saturday night June 4 at Rita and Bob's.

60th Birthday Party (16 Photos) -  Since we all are or have turned 60 sometime in 2008, give or take a year, Margaret and Kathryn hosted a 60th birthday party at their home on their birthday, May 24, 2008.

Book Launches (2 Photos) -  Photos from Classmate Book Promotions

Class Reunions prior to 2005 (5 Photos) -  Various photos from our class reunions prior to the one in 2005.

Classmates Having Fun (3 Photos) -  Miscellaneous photos of our classmates enjoying themselves.

David Freeman - Through the Years (4 Photos) -  This is just a start. Hopefully, others will send in their photos for us to enjoy.

Denny (2 Photos) -  Our Classmate Denny Key

Family Photos (14 Photos) -  This gallery contains family photos - classmates with their kids and grandkids.

June 2015 - Margaret & Kathryn's House (4 Photos) -  The King Twins so graciously opened their home to those who could come on the eve of the UHS All Class Reunion for 2015.

Memory Lane (19 Photos) -  I'll bet you remember some of these . . .

Mini-gatherings (7 Photos) -  Sometimes we just like to get together.

Misc. Photos from Frances Darden Randle (7 Photos) -  Frances sent some interesting photos from various years.

Monthly Class Luncheons (8 Photos) -  Photos from class get togethers for lunch once a month.

More Family Photos (11 Photos) - 

Oby's Gathering - June 2014 (12 Photos) -  Taking advantage of Billye Jo's visit to Oxford many of our class members gathered for a luncheon at Oby's.

Photos from Midge (12 Photos) -  A few photos from Midge McKay's collection.

Scouting Memories (6 Photos) -  Many of the guys in our class were in scouting together, starting with Cub Scouts. Here are a few memories from that era.

Valentine Party - 6th Grade (3 Photos) -  Sheila Mitchell, Sandy Van Houten and David Freeman put together a party at the Teen Center on Valentines Day - 6th grade. It snowed that day, but we had the party any way. Here a a few photos from it, compliments of Sheila.

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