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Well, I'm in the class of 64 and we knew how to score! Will write more later, got to run. Ladders...remember those guys. If you played under Coach Adams, you know all about ladders!

Name: Quay Parks
Email: quayparks@comcast.net
Location: Saltillo, Ms
Date Posted: 7/21/2010 5:40:04 PM

I too wish I had been there for the mini-reunion, I'll bet it was fun. I see a lot of my old buddies on the photo sections of the web site; namely people like Marvin Sparks, J.W. Walker, Roger Tubbs, Joe Sam, David Wilson and many more. These were mostly in elementary and middle school as I was all over the place in high school, including West Union, Lafayette, Oxford high for a short time, and then of course the Memphis City School system. That is why some of the guys and gals of our class won't remember much about me.

Some of my memories relating to the clan were: Brenda Faust's father was my Sunday School teacher at North Oxford Baptist Church when I was about 8 or 9. David Freeman, Byron Ellis and Carlos Teichart and others were instrumental in getting me in scouting, Joe Sam and I hot wired his dad's jeep one time and drove it from the Ole Miss campus to a street that was under construction and almost turned it over. I used to ride with Roger Tubbs on his motorcycle from the parking lot of U.H.S. down the hill in back of the school and up the hill to where he parked it everyday. I remember him wrecking it one day while looking back over his shoulder at a pretty girl getting out of a car. One time he and I rode bicycles from his home all the way out to the go cart riding place on highway 6 only to find out they were closed. I really only dated one girl from Oxford High and that was Sherry McHenry. We dated quite a while.  

Name: Larry Wood
Email: lewood2000@msn.com
Location: Brighton, TN
Date Posted: 5/31/2008 3:14:17 PM

Hi: My connection with the UHS Class of 66 and some prior and later is that I think just about every single guy at UHS was in Scouting at some point and worked on staff or was a camper at Camp Yocona (is that redundant?). I remember David Freeman, Carlos "Teacart", Mike Tubbs, Kenny Gunion (Grunion), Scott Black, Bobby Norman, Chappie Pinkston, Mac Wimbish and many many more. By the way, Mac Wimbish may have been a mean tamborine player in the "Missing Links" (I have a 45rpm recording of them!) but he went on to greater "stardom" as the banjo player in the great and much unheralded group at Ole Miss called "The Townsquare Singers." ANd by the way I have an audio tape of Chappie Pinkston on the night of his graduation from Ole Miss, that could RUIN HIM! LOL! Its great to see names of people I knew and liked. I too, congratulate David Freeman on his setting up this website. If any of you remember me please feel free to e-mail me and catch up on old times. Best of luck John C. Cox Formerly of Water Valley, MS Camp Yocona 57 - 64 Staff/Camper Now at 805 Choctaw Drive Laurel, MS 39440

Name: John Cox
Email: jay_b_good@msn.com
Location: Laurel, MS
Date Posted: 5/18/2007 7:25:09 PM

Wouldn't you know I would be this late for something so wonderful. Im really sorry I missed it all. I'm sure not many folks continue to come to this site this long after the reunion but I felt it somehow important to at least sign in and be a part here even so. I was in and out of Oxford so much during my young years I never had an opportunity to become close to very many people. Roger Tubbs, Joe Sam, David wilson, Wayne Jingles, Marvin Sparks, were a few of the guys that I called my friends while at UHS. I had different friends at different periods during my time at Oxford elementary and Oxford high School, West Union and Lafayette. I remember them all so well. I still remember the sites and smells of pre 1965 Oxford, Christmas Parades and the hard candy Santa and the others threw to the crowds. I remember all of us chidren sitting on Santas knee in the middle of square at the Courthouse and dictating our list of toy orders and being so excited. That is just one of at least a million fond memories. Thanks David for putting this together, and a personal thanks to everyone that participated and wrote about their adventures and life in and around Oxford back then.They took me back to a really wonderful place and time. I will always remember my time there with great fondness. I really enjoyed seeing pictures of everyone and reading about everyones life now. I read each and everyone of them. Thanks again everyone.

Name: Larry Wood
Email: 38 Jessie Cove
Location: Atoka TN
Date Posted: 2/25/2007 11:11:01 PM

Hey Yall, Well, since it was only what is now called middle school in these parts, I wasnt in the University H.S. class of 66. But I did graduate that year from W.T. Woodson in Fairfax, VA and went on to study art at the U of Michigan, Ann Arbor. For months Ive had this feeling that I should google Carlos Teichert--had no idea why. But Ive been reading a book about the War Between the States and all the place names prodded me to follow through. So I finally did (08-19-06) and was I surprised to find this site! I certainly recognized a lot of names besides Carlos: Chappie Pinkston, Priscilla Miller, Susan Sneed, J.W. Walker, Larry Christman, Roger Tubbs--many from the Jr. High marching band... Thinking as well of Michael Straun, Patty Davis, Lenore Ethridge, Reba Duke (and Eugene and Neil and Denny and on and on). It would be great to hear from you. Im remembering making harrassing phone calls to frat houses during slumber parties, the U swimming pool, the hamburgers at that little place on campus when we didnt want to eat in the basement cafeteria, the rope swing over the swimming hole, finding arrow heads, home ec class with Mrs. Travis promising that soy beans would be the wave of the future. Shes probably a millionare now after investing in soy products! I know these memories are probably all too ancient for people who went on to high school and college together, know each others kids and grandkids, etc. But theyre stored in my mind with the Jim Bouie Museum stops while walking home from school in the heat carrying that threadbare three inch thick book from Mrs. Keyes class, various places tree roots broke up through sidewalks, an outdoor science class that brought to my attention that trees had lots of differently shaped leaves, and going to potlucks at the Methodist church wearing a "shirtwaist" or spaghetti-strap sundress after water skiing at Sardis dam. It was just a 13 year olds rush seeing all your names. Hope everyone is doing well. Know that I remember all of yall fondly. Take care, Bette (Ann actually, since I turned 16)

Name: Bette Hinds
Email: eahinds@comcast.net
Location: Portland, OR
Date Posted: 8/19/2006 9:21:49 PM

Hey everybody! Sorry I missed the reunion.I had already committed myself to help with Bible School at my church.It has been a hard year for me. I lost my husband of 35 years to bone cancer on July 26th 0f 2005. It has been difficult but he is in good hands with my savior. I have 4 children. My oldest Drew, 26, is in Abliene,Texas. He is in the airforce and thinking of making it a career. Shelby,24, just graduated from Columbia Medical University in New York City with a masters in occupational theraphy. She will give me my first grandchild in December. Adam,19, will be a sophomore at Miss. State ( sorry y'all). He is one of the bully mascots you see at the ballgames. In fact, when you go to the Ole Miss/State game he will probably be the one riding on the doghouse. Rebekah(Beka),16, and my baby, will be a senior in high school next year. Beka is my singer. Sings in show choir and in church...got it from her daddy ...not me! I am a Special Education teacher. I work with special needs children for an hour or two then send them back to their class. I love what I am doing. It is very rewarding. I have enjoyed the website! Great idea!I talked to Midge and Denny briefly. Hope to get to Oxford to eat lunch with some of you soon. Till then...

Name: Priscilla Miller Shields
Email: priscilla_shields@hotmail.com
Date Posted: 6/12/2006 8:36:03 AM

Wow!!! I found this site completly by accident, but was tickeled pink to see it. I'm so sorry to have missed the reunion, but had other plans already made and payed for that I could not get my money back on. I would have had a better time there than where I was, and it would have been cheaper, too. It was so great to see all my old classmates. Roger and Marvin Sparks are the only ones I have seen or talked to since I left in 63. I wish I looked as good as Yall do.

Name: Ray Pennington
Email: rpennington@midsouth.rr.com
Location: Memphis,Tn.
Date Posted: 12/22/2005 4:21:37 PM

I was looking for UHS website and found this instead. You have done a wonderful job. I discovered a friend of mine who has passed away, and I really appreciate what youve done here. Thanks! Catherine Sweeney Hewlette 64.

Name: Catherine Sweeney
Email: chewlette@cox.net
Location: New Bern, NC
Date Posted: 10/19/2005 5:16:14 PM

What a great reunion! Thanks Roger, Midge, David and all who helped! And hey, this email stuff has really taken off! Im enjoying reading about all of you. See you next year!

Name: Chappie Pinkston
Email: wcpinkston@aol.com
Location: Ridgeland, MS
Date Posted: 6/21/2005 9:31:58 PM

Thanks to my son, David, I have heard where many of you are now and what you are doing. Unfortunately I learned of some that I knew well are no longer with us. This has brought back fond memories of the days of scouting with many of you. It also reminds me of the nights that we had to listen to rock and roll music coming from the little house we had in the back yard as David and his fellow band members practiced. I would like to warn you to be careful what you put in the stories section. This is the first I had heard of the Yocona Caper of David and Kenny. I guess it is to late to punish them now!!

Name: Barry Freeman
Email: barryfree@c-gate.net
Location: Laurel, MS 39443
Date Posted: 6/20/2005 3:01:12 PM

Well I got referred to the site by Wanda Boatright Broun. We have a common link . We both have children at US Naval Academy. Actually my daughter just graduated from there and is now a 2LT in US Marine Corps. David what a great job you have done!! It will be great to rekindle old friendships and I am glad to communictae with yall. Carlos Teichert 8782 thunderbird Drive Pensacoal, FL 32514 626-643-7753

Name: Carlos Teichert
Email: abnrgrt@aol.com
Location: Pensacola, FL and Fayetteville GA
Date Posted: 6/16/2005 4:40:21 PM

Hello to my wonderful big brother and all his great friends from the class of 1966. I, too, am proud of this wonderful website created by my super smart brother. I see pictures of folks I use to know and havent seen in ages. We all look pretty darn good for 50 somethings. David, Maci Shaw says hello and wow! shes impressed! So sorry the Class of 1971 wasnt a part of University High. Looks like we missed a fine gathering.

Name: Cynthia Freeman Edwards
Email: edwardscy@sbcglobal.net
Location: Springdale, AR
Date Posted: 6/14/2005 9:49:27 PM

Just want to say hello to everyone that was not at the reunion and to let you know you missed a great time. It was so much fun to see faces that I havent seen since graduation. Thanks to "Chappie", Byron and Eugene for the dances. My husband doesn't like to dance, so I havent danced in 35 years and I really enjoyed it. I can hardly wait for the next reunion. It was good to see all of you.

Name: Brenda Faust Hartley
Email: ghartley@olemiss.edu
Location: Oxford, MS. 38655
Date Posted: 6/13/2005 3:23:26 PM

David you have done the class a great service by setting this webb site to give us a place to keep in touch with each other thanks again

Email: jw@walkerelectriccompany.com
Location: Oxford, MS
Date Posted: 6/9/2005 7:42:25 AM

Roberta and I are still here. We were scheduled to become grandparents of a baby girl two days ago and are expecting to make a trip to Oxford as soon as our daughter delivers. Theyre still living out on Old Sardis Road and loving it. I never thought Id live to be this old! I'd love to see everyone again when we come down this year. It looks like well be making several more trips than usual.

Name: George Lewis
Email: lewisg@umbi.umd.edu
Location: Baltimore, MD
Date Posted: 6/8/2005 12:00:59 PM

Hey! Dont know how many of you will see this before the reunion...I am excited that the entire UHS reunion has logged in around 600 people attending. See you Friday night.

Name: Denny Spencer
Email: spnc639@olemiss.edu
Location: Oxford, MS
Date Posted: 6/8/2005 11:39:14 AM

David, what a great job! This is so exciting. I dont know a lot about computers but I was excited when you first emailed me from the Classmates Sight. It has been good catching up with you. I look forward to catching up with other classmates this week. I went to LaGrange, KY outside of Louisville to my nephews graduation. He graduated from Oldham H.S. They have a big Colonel on the side of their building exactly like ours. Brings back good memories.

Name: Cathy Walker Herren
Email: cherren@dixie-net.com
Location: 220 CR 431, Oxford, MS 38655
Date Posted: 6/6/2005 10:36:42 PM

David - Thanks so much for setting the website up. As the years go by (and maybe because I havent lived in Oxford for many years), I realize how much we shared from public school days in Oxford. We were so fortunate to have an excellent school system, a university town, and good people around us. By the way--I used to be teased because I was younger than everyone else and didnt get my drivers license until the 10th grade, because of my October birthday. Hah! Im still ONLY 56! Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend! Susan

Name: Susan Sneed Harrison
Email: susansharrison@hotmail.com
Location: Dothan, AL
Date Posted: 6/6/2005 1:10:37 PM

Great work on this site David! I enjoyed my visit very much.

Name: Larry Christman
Email: lchristman@oxford.k12.ms.us
Location: Oxford Elementary School
Date Posted: 6/6/2005 1:03:33 PM

David, you are a pretty good guy to know. Thanks. The site looks great.

Name: Donna Ptak Bynum
Email: dobynum1@bellsouth.net
Location: Oxford, MS
Date Posted: 6/6/2005 11:51:18 AM

This is a great way to communicate, thanks to David. Looking forward to this weekend and seeing everyone.

Name: Margaret King
Email: mking@homesafeinspection.com
Location: Oxford, MS
Date Posted: 6/6/2005 11:36:39 AM

Thanks to David Freeman for all his work in creating this site which was TOTALLY is idea. David, we owe you one. Nice to know someone I know knows how to work these pesky computers.

Name: Roger Tubbs
Email: rtubbs17@bellsouth.net
Location: Tupelo, MS
Date Posted: 6/3/2005 1:19:00 PM

Greetings one and all. Looking forward to the reunion. See you there!

Name: David Freeman
Email: dfreeman@nissipub.com
Location: Roanoke, TX
Date Posted: 6/3/2005 12:53:42 AM

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