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Joe Sam

932 Main Street N
McKenzie, TN  Home Phone: 731-352-4686
Primary Email: samj@bethel-college.edu

As you know, I graduated after my junior year in the summer of 1965 in order to go with my family to Cairo, Egypt. There I attended the American University and began an academic nosedive that continued the next year at Ole Miss until I finally lost all scholarship money. So, I transferred to the University of South Carolina for a semester, pulled my grades up a little, and returned to Ole Miss to avoid out-of-state tuition, and graduated in 1969. After that, I spent four years in Jackson, MS, and completed a degree in pharmacology. (I also began serving in the Guard and Reserve and following OCS and airborne training was blessed with a very uneventful 30 years of service mainly as a biochemist at the Aeromedical Research Laboratory at Ft. Rucker.) My first real job after Jackson was teaching pharmacology in the Medical School at the University of Ulm in Germany. I wasnt very happy living outside of the U.S., so after two years I resigned my position and began a life of independent poverty in Redfield, Arkansas with my mistake wife Judy. My daughter from that marriage is Meredith who is now 22 and lives in Indianapolis, IN. To make a long story short, having learned the hard way from my own academic blunders I decided I might be able to help others avoid the same consequences by getting back into higher education. So here I am at Bethel College in McKenzie, TN (not that Ive helped anybody) as a chemistry professor with Denise and four boys: Brad 21, Joey 16, Tommy 13, and Scotty -11. Im very lucky to have been part of the class of 66.

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