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Bette Hinds

Portland, OR  Primary Email: eahinds@comcast.net

Hey Yall, Well, since it was only what is now called middle school in these parts, I wasn't in the University H.S. class of '66. But I did graduate that year from W.T. Woodson in Fairfax, VA and went on to study art at the U of Michigan, Ann Arbor. For months I've had this feeling that I should google Carlos Teichert--had no idea why. But I've been reading a book about the War Between the States and all the place names prodded me to follow through. So I finally did (08-19-06) and was I surprised to find this site! I certainly recognized a lot of names besides Carlos': Chappie Pinkston, Priscilla Miller, Susan Sneed, J.W. Walker, Larry Christman, Roger Tubbs--many from the Jr. High marching band... Thinking as well of Michael Straun, Patty Davis, Lenore Ethridge, Reba Duke (and Eugene and Neil and Denny and on and on). It would be great to hear from you. I'm remembering making harrassing phone calls to frat houses during slumber parties, the U swimming pool, the hamburgers at that little place on campus when we didn't want to eat in the basement cafeteria, the rope swing over the swimming hole, finding arrow heads, home ec class with Mrs. Travis promising that soy beans would be the wave of the future. She's probably a millionare now after investing in soy products! I know these memories are probably all too ancient for people who went on to high school and college together, know each other's kids and grandkids, etc. But they're stored in my mind with the Jim Bouie Museum stops while walking home from school in the heat carrying that threadbare three inch thick book from Mrs. Keyes' class, various places tree roots broke up through sidewalks, an outdoor science class that brought to my attention that trees had lots of differently shaped leaves, and going to potlucks at the Methodist church wearing a "shirtwaist" or spaghetti-strap sundress after water skiing at Sardis dam. It was just a 13 year old's rush seeing all your names. Hope everyone is doing well. Know that I remember all of y'all fondly. Take care, Bette (Ann actually, since I turned 16)

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