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Susan Sneed
(Mrs. Susan Harrison)

33 Crescent Park
Pike Road, AL  36064
Cell Phone: 334-303-8522
Primary Email: susansharrison@hotmail.com

Senior Prophecy:

An old farmhand our Susan Sneed.
She works at Jone's Produce, selling chicken feed.

Senior Will:

I, Susan Sneed, being of sound mind and body, do will to Harry, my brother, the "Gray Bomb," my car, in hopes that he and Pam Helms will not tear the car up on their trips down the new highway; and to Elsie Cooper I leave any other responsibilities and jobs I have forgotten to give her.

In Aug. of 1968 I married and in Aug. of 1969 I graduated from Ole Miss.† We lived in Jacksonville, FL for 7 years.† Susanne was born there in 1971 and Don III (Bubba) was born there in 1975.† I taught high school for a year and then worked part-time as a youth worker at a church and taught clothing construction classes part-time for Florida Jr. College.† We moved to Columbus, GA in 1977 and I taught jr. high home ec.† In 1980 we moved to Biloxi and lived there for 1 Ĺ years before moving to Dothan, AL in 1981.†

I taught math in Dothan City Schools, worked a couple of years as an Allstate Insurance Agent (with my ex-husband), and taught home ec at a county high school.† After divorcing, I went back to school and got a masters degree in school guidance counseling and an educational specialist degree in school administration.† For 4 years I have been Career and Technical Director for Houston County Schools.† That means I am principal of our small vocational school and I help to supervise Family and Consumer Sciences (home ec), business education, and agrscience programs at the 5 high schools in the school system.†

Susanne is married, lives in Montgomery, and is the mother of Harrison (heíll be 5 in Aug.) and Anna Grace (she was 2 in Feb.).† Susanne has taught business education, but is a stay-at-home mom right now.† Her husband, Scott Estes, is a counselor working with the Alabama Baptist Childrenís Home.† Bubba is an attorney in Birmingham (for obvious reasons they call him Don there).† He and Ginny married last year.† She works in marketing for Wiregrass Hospice.† Fortunately for me, all are attentive and caring and are a continuing joy.† Dad passed away last summer.† Mom was 85 this month and still lives in her home on Sivley St.† I return to Oxford to visit family about every 6-8 weeks.

Wow!† This sounds pretty boring, but I do enjoy life.† I particularly like to travel.† Iíve been to England, France, Russia (twice with a mission team), Greece, Italy, Turkey, and Hong Kong, but I do love and appreciate the USA.† Our Methodist bishop (who used to be at Oxford-University Methodist Church at one time) is taking a group to the Holy Land and Egypt in Feb., and Iím considering going on that trip.†

Update June 2006:

I moved to Montgomery last fall to be closer to my children. I'm the career/technical education director for Montgomery Public Schools. The move has been great except that I miss my church in Dothan.

My son and his wife, who live in Birmingham, have announced that they are expecting a baby Feb. 5, so that will be grandchild no. 3. Since this baby was a surprise for them, I may be more excited than they are, but they got to see the baby's heartbeat this week, so they are getting there.

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